Saturday, August 29, 2009

The 12th AND The 13th!

As those of you that read this, or are involved, may know, The Art Is Not Dead will be showcasing some of our favorite artists on Saturday September 12th- adjacent to the Crafty Balboa craft show. We will be open from about 11 to 5 that day. We are pretty sad that we won't be able to stay open later so we've decided to open the gallery on Sunday the 13th as well. Our doors will be open from about 1 p.m till late in the evening. We encourage all to come by and say hello, enjoy some coffee, hang out, buy/see some great art and begin to get involved. We're looking forward to making this a great community space and would love to hear your feedback, your stories, your experiences and any interest you have in our wonderful space. While you're with us on these days, please sign up for our mailing list (if you have not already) and tell us a little bit about yourself. We are looking forward to making our grand opening in November a wonderful event and welcome all interested parties to get involved.

Interested now and don't want to wait to talk to us? E-mail us at

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Newcombs

Well, first things first. The Art Is Not Dead Gallery would like to welcome the Newcombs to our growing family and our first show on the 12th. This couple are quite the artisans and we are HUGE fans. Let's introduce them one at a time.

Mrs. Mary White Newcomb is an artist. It's that simple. Her medium? Jewelry. She is quite the talent with a collection featuring "small press, one of a kind, and custom pieces, all made with love." The name of her line speaks for the works: Young, Wild and Bright. Each piece is hand crafted with wonderful details in the presentation, texture, and finish. Seeing her works up close and in person is a must.

These graphite paintbrush earrings are Maria's current favorite.

Check Mary's other works out on her etsy site:

Scott Newcomb's art is described as "A spontaneous combustion of beeswax, pigments, oils, and chemicals. Not for the faint of heart." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. His knowledge and demonstration of texture and color will keep your eye flowing in and out of each piece for quite some time. Each work presents itself as both a painting and sculpture; true art in it's own realm. While each individual piece flows very well with it's brothers and sisters, each are completely unique and one of a kind. We won't even begin to describe the amazing things he does with bicycle wheels. Take a look for yourself.

Check out his site before you come see his works up close on the 12th.


News with the gallery itself: We're all cleaned up and ready to paint!

In the midst of our cleaning, a lady waiting for the 23 sat and starred at the current paintings and photographs we have displayed, in the windows, by artist and owner Maria Teicher. The interest was ALL there in her eyes. A very excited artist and gallery owners spent the rest of the day with that image in their heads. We can't wait to have our doors open for more.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just A Sunday Afternoon.

Good afternoon friends.

Creative brainstorming and business licenses have been at the forefront of The Art Is Not Dead Gallery this week. We are trying not to get ahead of ourselves (ok, ok.. Maria is trying not to get ahead of herself. Brian is the rational one in this operation) but the more we research the more exciting the future gets. Projects are being laid out, as well as discussing some possible community events for next spring.

This past Wednesday, Maria met with Snow Day Ceramic's Carol Han to discuss putting some of her wonderful work into the space for September 12th (and hopefully in future showings as well- we're crossing our fingers!). The outcome: a YES! Maria works with Carol (oh silly day jobs) and is so very excited to have her join The Art Is Not Dead family. Her works are wonderful, comforting, charming and completely unique. (And Maria knows, she's sipping out of a Snow Day Ceramic's original as she types this).

Until the 12th, go check out Carol's site:
or (and heart her until she comes back).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Show In The Works.

We are having our first show on Saturday September 12th (and will also be open on the 13th as well if you can't make it on Saturday). The hours are currently 11-5 and will feature quite a few of our favorite artists. There is a craft show in the area that day as well as it being Passyunk's very own Second Saturday. We are thrilled and as excited as can be.

Today we met up with a very talented jewelry designer named Leigh Adel-Arnold. Her works are delicate, intricate and simply lovely. Come check her out at our gallery on the 12th. We are very excited to have her displayed and know you'll enjoy her work as well.

For now, drop by her etsy shop:

Other artists lined up thus far are:

Maria Teicher (fine art paintings and photography; gallery owner, director, and curator)
Smash Babies (Ashley Lewis' stuffed creatures of pure amazingness; our very own intern).

More artists to come. Get excited!


I am very pleased and excited to announce that The Art Is Not Dead (a complete artist collaborative that includes music, art, craft and the like) now has a space of it's own. This blog is dedicated to the gallery aspect of The Art Is Not Dead.

We are located in South Philadelphia on East Passyunk Square (triangle if you will) right next to DaVinci's restaurant, across from Chiarella's and surrounded by some amazing shops and coffee houses in the nearby area, including (but not limited to): B2, the Black n'Brew, RKO comics, Sweet Jane, the p.o.p.e and the wonderful 1601 bar. We are very excited to bring together artists in this venue. Many plans are in the works with a grande opening in November and some small shows to keep you interested in the mean time.

Welcome. Feel free to stop on by, check out the space, show us your own art and have some coffee.

E-mail for times to meet up (until full gallery hours are in play) and to join our mailing list for all upcoming shows, events, etc.